Download Two iOS Apps Worth $6 In Total For Free Right Now


So, there is nothing better than free application? Two free applications! We have Apple’s free application week offer this week provides a rare opportunity to double from Cupertino giant second free iOS app. You should see the combined application while saving $ 6 Total: Beautiful puzzle game, and as well as a powerful photo editing application

The first two applications are called lie This is a puzzling puzzle games are usually from app Store cost $ 1, but you can grab for free, now and next Thursday peripheral part of Apple’s offer free applications. As for the second free application, which is named Brushstroke photo editing application. This program typically costs $ 5 at the App Store, but can be free of charge for a limited time through the Apple Store grabbed application

comes to lie, for those who put the puzzle game deceptive simplicity is a perfect title, keep you occupied, your brain cells speed. Games relies on a false presentation and flipped a small box to the desired location of the structure of the target audience.

deceptive presentation in no hurry, and background music can be sure that you remain calm and slowly psychedelic score. From keeping their own lives when bored at work or that the work of “Perspectives”, a lie is worth, usually retails for $ 1, but fortunately we can be free to download from the App Store next Thursday.

to move to the Brushstroke application, this application “your photos in an album, and snaps into beautiful paintings in a link.” Given the recent surge in user for Prisma’s application these days, Brushstroke will likely inspire you to make your photos a little – dare I say it – the impact of realistic painting, some adjustments to go along with it

how to seize the brush strokes for free ? As mentioned earlier, make sure you have installed the Apple Store app on your iPhone and iPad, just follow these simple instructions to get up, and at any time Brushstroke applications running

1 step: start the Apple store app, then scroll down below until you find Brushstroke Promotions section. Here, click Download Now button, then tap the blue now free download button on the next screen.


Step 2: This should be moved to the App Store. Now, just click redemption in the top right corner of the screen button and follow the on-screen instructions to download free from the App Store application.


is like that. Enjoy $ 6 saved

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