Download ISO: Windows 10 1607 Build 14393.10 Anniversary Update


You can now download the official Windows 10 1607 Construction 14393.10 anniversary update ISO file, Microsoft today made a highly anticipated [19459003after] the 10th anniversary of windows update available to PC owners and equipment around the world.

who have taken the opportunity in the past twelve months to upgrade to Windows 10 users, of course, can be downloaded through the Windows Update process and through the top of their existing installation immediately install the update anniversary.

With that said, not everyone who is going to interact with and consume this update is currently running Windows 10, Also, who else might want to to make a new, fresh and clean install, and you want to install packed with the latest additions and improvements, the annual update to customers. [Existingversion

Fortunately, the good people at Microsoft have considered this and understand that sometimes you do not want to install Windows 10 after a long arduous and sometimes data-intensive type installed updates. For this reason, and to appease those who want to install a new installation for the annual update, Microsoft has made the establishment of a complete ISO 14393.10 available for download directly on the machine in order to facilitate the installation files.

If you intend to download the updated ISO file containing the anniversary, of course you can stand up, and by Microsoft’s own Windows 10 media authoring tool, it runs. Microsoft offers a free tool to create and burn directly to a DVD or USB flash drive to start, which in turn can be used to directly install the updated Windows 10 to a new machine ISO file. Available here on this Microsoft tool, and how to use it to create a bootable USB flash drive More info: how to create a bootable USB flash drive Windows 10 [guidelines]


Alternatively, you can follow our guide here Windows 10 Pro download the ISO file is not the product key from Microsoft manually grab ISO file directly from Microsoft.

version of Windows 10 in 1607, the establishment of 14393.10 not only brought a lot of improvements and added features, the user can interact, but also introduces bug fixes are commonplace all updates, as well as security and stability mandatory conversion improvements which should have a significant difference to the user equipment and software interaction. This exciting update, to commemorate the fact that Windows 10 has been listed in the world more than a year, it is now more than 350 million devices access across different types of

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