DJI Announces New Osmo+ Handheld Gimbal Camera, Here Are The Details


DJI UAV manufacturer, announced today that preceded Osmo + a new camera. Handheld universal joint and integrated zoom camera, according to the DJI, the user provides an “unprecedented stability and image quality for handheld still photography and video creation.” That is quite a claim.

it is a proposition need to give $ 649 + Osmo price point before you start adding attachments backed up, such as $ 49 or $ 25 to install bicycle universal mount. In short, this is an expensive camera.

it is a very good, although potential. Packing 7 times zoom when shooting in 1080, and the focal length range from 22 mm to 77 mm, including 3.5 optical and 2x digital zoom after destructive, Osmo + specifications have backup DJI argument. In fact, the company believes the technology used by the Osmo + with their Zenmuse Z3 Zoom camera, which is inspired by a better use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

“Osmo + opens up a whole new Osmo who love to bring you clear, sharp, detailed images handheld invasive ability of ability,” Paul Pan senior product manager. “Self-action from the detailed panoramic movement timelapses, new Oldsmobile + zoom function to widen again handheld shooting function, push the limits of imagination.”

According to the DJI + Osmo can the shoot 4K / 30fps slow motion video and 1080p / 100FPS those, you know, I like to shoot those things look very, very slow to happen. Who does not love a good slow-motion video effects, right?

If you decide to almost $ 700 is a reasonable price to pay for a piece of kit that lets your iPhone or Android smartphone to take better pictures and video, then you might want to consider keeping things safe or at least by covering their DJI Oslo shield plan. Cost $ 65, equipment warranty plans doubled to two years, “Unlimited Maintenance (conditions) and a one-time only occasional hardware damage coverage, including water damage.”


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