Cydia Impactor Renamed To Cydia Eraser, Adds iOS 9.0.x Support


This is very common to hear the comings and goings of the world jailbreak developers and prominent Goss characters, but this is not very often, we hear what so-called “Prison Break godfather” is up on a daily basis.

Jay Freeman, also known as Saurik company , not only the creator and maintainer Cydia, but there are some adjustments and packages, not only to escape the possible duration but also for some of the core jailbreak their devices enjoy the service provider backbone.

one package, known as Cydia impact , around this time last year with the introduction of support for iOS 8, now has more the firmware update support, and even a name change to boot.

a good way, formerly known as Cydia impact, now called Cydia eraser , which may be more relevant for packaging the name given, it provides functionality . Jailbreak package is actually quite unique in the world because it facilitates unjailbreaking device during the fact. Yes, that’s right, if you have not heard of Cydia impact before it launched last year, which is to allow users to delete their escape from the device (including any adjustments to Cydia jailbreak) Jay Freeman created good way to erase all content and settings, even a kind of return to the existing version of the device, the device is the same jailbreak firmware, making it easy to re-jailbreak, or sell it to someone else’s firmware jailbreak friendly.

This may not seem exactly groundbreaking, but when you consider that this process does not require the use of iTunes, in fact, the device returns to the state of the stock on the same firmware allows jailbreak it again, you really start to appreciate this is how precious.


we really have not heard much about the impact of Cydia since then, but it is now back to highlight the name change, as well as now see it supports iOS 9.0.x, although in a limited form of functionality and compatibility updates. This latest version is not actually who are enjoying the spoils, the latest jailbreak tool Pangu has been running iOS 9.2 for iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak work these new devices.

Of course, those who actually plan to use this tool, you should first make a complete backup of any data on the device. By design, the codling eraser is intended to remove everything from the device. You can how our previous guidance here in accordance with the User’s Guide

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