Create iPhone Reminders That Trigger When You Get In / Out Of Car, Here’s How


If you can just remember that you need at the right time to do what little we have ability, and has software to provide similar functionality as the Holy Grail task management application. Location-based reminders allow reminders, or task to some extent to achieve this goal, they arrive or leave a specific location, to be presented to the user, it is their home, the local grocery store or any other point on the map. It works pretty well, but it is not a fool.

There are, however, based on the reminder trigger position, most are not aware that this is a shame, because it is actually pretty awesome. In fact, it is very awesome, indeed.

we have in mind is to trigger car. Whether you are entering or got it, you can have your iPhone to remind you that there are important things to pick up, or dry, you need to quit. Whatever the task, let your iPhone to remind you on your car can be very helpful, next time, and it is easy to remind standard applications do. This, if you connect your iPhone CarPlay or Bluetooth, so keep that in mind will only work

Here’s how to start and run

Step 1: Start remind Mac. Or iPhone, and create you want, when you reach you or your car triggered task or reminder

Step 2: Select the new entry in the “I” number


step 3: on iOS, toggle switch “in a position to remind me”, and on OS X, check “in a position” checkbox


step Four: Select address in iOS or click the OS X “Choosing a location” field , then either Get in the car or out option depends on what you want to have a car alarm is triggered what


step 5: relax

and all of this is so simple. Reminders application will now ask keeping iOS Bluetooth connection or CarPlay label, or when your car is connected or disconnected, the relevant trigger will be fired, then you will be moved, as if by magic!

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