Confirmed: Intel’s 7th-Gen Kaby Lake Processors Are Coming This Year


Intel has been used in Taipei Computex 2016 General Assembly to confirm that it will begin its seventh-generation production core processors coming months. This dedication to the production of its next-generation processor means that we can expect to see new machines as part of the CPU power supply before the end of this year officially launched. Navin Shenoy , who is general manager of Intel’s Client Computing Group officially confirmed by the production run will be more likely to begin before the end of the quarter to stimulate the participants.

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interesting thing to note the introduction of the new seventh-generation processor – Intel is calling Kaby Lake – is unveiling the company will not follow a consistent format ticking. The specific format, generally refers to the use of a year when Intel releases to reduce the chip (tick) the size and introducing a new microarchitecture (tock) the fact that in the second year.

neither the introduction of Kaby Lake tick, tick does not, and basically with the “optimization” microarchitecture produced, but still using a conventional 14 footprint nm.

In addition to the lake Kaby announcement, Intel also took the opportunity to announce a new entry-level processor, named Apollo lake. From the perspective of affordability, the Apollo lake chip will be Intel’s sixth-generation micro-architecture chips SKYLAKE more affordable versions, with production of more expensive Apollo Lake next, higher performance Kaby Lake series moved simultaneously in order to provide a similar launch date. They may be the entry-level grade, but Apollo lake chip should be able to handle 4K video, and support costs down with a laptop and tablet PC’s USB-C.


ASUS Transformer 3 7th. Kaby Lake CPU

For those who want to get a glimpse of the performance will be the seventh generation Kaby Lake will offer, the chip will make one of its debut in 2016 ASUS Transformer 3 is expected to release the first of somewhere in the third quarter, however, Intel has not released Kaby Lake or Lake Apollo chip as no pricing details. We will bring you more information when it’s released.

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