Automatic Launches New Pro Car Adapter With Free 3G Connectivity


will be possible in the United States any passionate car enthusiasts looking to get their hands a potential on automatic first or second-generation adapter linked to the diagnostic port of the vehicle. This technology has allowed owners to track mileage and vehicle information, and then log data is returned to the connection of the smartphone, for quite some time.

Now, the company is back with a new form for all new products Auto Pro , it is to build a small object at the top of the second generation of automatic adapter, but additional wisdom. Instead of back to the drawing board to come up with a completely new product or product line, automatic basically has taken a conventional automatic adapter, through a little extra information, providing a real tangible benefits inject its series complete hardware anyone who choose to buy only new automated Pro

first pitch is the same. Users will still be able to use the adapter automatically tracking mileage deep into the maintenance requirements of the vehicle. They can still log on to the information via Bluetooth smartphone. However, the Pro unique from the point of sale included fee-free cellular data connection that is always online and active.

We are pleased to be able to use the power of the cellular connection is established in the second generation adapter product with an extensive range of functions, which will help consumers to merge a most beautiful, scalable UI.

Like the previous version, the automatic temporary use of the car’s OBD-II diagnostic port to understand its business. The difference between the new version is that it can track and record all information without a smartphone actually need to be connected. This means that, regardless of whether it is a vehicle to drive the vehicle owner or other person all of the beautiful and important information is tracked. But if there is no connection of the smartphone is lost, damaged or leaving valuable data loss. Subscribe for free, always-on data connection essentially allows permanent data collection in place, 365 days a year.


The new hardware will also be accompanied by a new automatic smart phone applications, including features such as custom notification, emergency collision function, if a crash occurs, you can contact exact GPS location data for emergency service vehicles, and even integration with IFTTT, which provides support for a variety of applications, images listed below. Interested consumers can buy immediately and automatically Pro is $ 129.95.


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