Arcade Shooter ‘Super Arc Light’ Is Apple’s Free iOS App Of The Week [$2 Value]


Another week, another free iOS app! You will pardon granted this action by Apple, but it never fails to impress. Today’s champion, which happens to be a game that usually retails for $ 1.99 in the App Store, but it is free to download for iPhone and iPad, until next Thursday.

called super arc, which is basically an arcade shooting game developer described as “Super Hexagon comply with Geometry Wars.” because they have become a trend these days, the game features a simpler means of controlling the game, which involves the use of just one follow simple graphical button itself.

This game provides a key to control a fast-paced shoot-em-retro experience that will keep you on edge of your seat! Survive as long as you can, take down the speed and accuracy of tough enemies final score!

as the name of the game implies, the whole game is built around a curved wrap your gun / boat, whatever you want to call it, and the enemy / insects around – whatever you choose to again they call – right, you have to be close to the arc protection. How do you do? Then you will be an arc around the enemy as a way spinning wildly, pressing the button will slow down, lets you automatically back. Lift your finger, then click the other direction will make your boat move.

This is where you need to keep you calm and level become increasingly challenging for further action.


Of course, this is not fair, if you do not upgrade weapons increases the odds of your face. Thus, in a pure arcade fashion, “numerous weapons to unlock, each with its own spectacular visual effects.” As you destroy your enemies in epic screen, you can use ” sky lit space war. ”

If you’re feeling a little too confident, there is to increase the difficulty, and it gives you the ability to only 3 life and work. If you feel you are introduced to the super arc, head to the App Store download link below, and began bombarding the bad guys threaten your arc challenge!

( download : super arc light from the App Store for iPhone and iPad)

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