Apple’s Wireless AirPods, New Beats Range Announced, Here Are The Details


Apple today announced, many people speculated the ship as part of a brand new product iPhone 7 retail box.

from speculation and conjecture how Apple on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus post-removal process music 3.5mm headphone jack, Phil Schiller announced on stage a group aims to complement the iPhone 7 series for those who are willing to pay a little extra luxury of a truly wireless Apple AirPods. Yes, these are not part of the iPhone 7/7 plus shipping package.

As you can probably speaking from the name, the latest release of Apple AirPods basically a side EarPods existing hardware, which has also been updated to handle the iPhone 7 lightning through the audio interface, and includes the evolution of each iPhone 7 retail boxed by side. Since the feature set of AirPods part, Apple has bundled automatically switch between the new AirPods hit the iPhone and Apple’s music Watch, the user needs to remove any actual input capacity.

all the user needs to do is to flip open AirPods’ charging status and iPhone will prompt you to connect wirelessly to AirPods start audio transmission. Hardware technology also additional features such as built-in microphone beamforming and remove background noise cancellation, and double-click on a AirPods and use activated Siri connected equipment capacity.

Apple thanks to all this progress within the new W1 chip AirPods:

all new Apple chip W1 can AirPods breakthrough innovation, and has a dual optical sensor and accelerometer in each AirPod, working with the W1 microarray AirPods in your ears, so they only play when you’re ready to listen. Simply delete them automatically pause the music, or just delete a having a conversation, and automatically, when you put it back and start again.


The AirPods buyers can also expect to get up to five hours of playing time from a fully charged each pod, and the charge of the case itself holds AirPods 24 hours to charge.

In addition to providing new AirPods, Apple also announced updated within the Beats range, will use the new powers of the new chip W1 AirPods same wisdom and strength. The headset will be added Solo3 range wireless open ear, update Powerbeats3 wireless headphones, and a completely new pair BeatsX headphones. Apple also introduced a new cable, low-cost and affordable beats EP’s ear then it is probably designed to attract those who do not want to break up a ton of cash earphone headset.

beat Solo3 wireless on-ear headphones priced at $ 299.95 and is available now to order. The retail price Powerbeats3 wireless headset for $ 199.95, but it will be somewhere in the autumn with the $ 149.95 price tag BeatsX headset commands together. EP beat a budget in ear headphones, it can be yours for the $ 129.95.


Meanwhile, the new Apple AirPods is providing a completely separate product procurement. Under the purchase will also receive a unique charging case will AirPods charge, can expect to pay $ 159 from and Apple hardware store in October. AirPods will need to connect and run iOS’s 10 watchOS 3 or MacOS Sierra Equipment

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