Apple Working On Siri Upgrade That Will ‘Wipe The Floor’ With Competition


When the AI ​​digital assistant was aroused great repercussion in the world, mainly Apple’s Siri It is considered not to be able to grade and the emergence of other additives, and the start of competition. Sources said Apple’s future fully aware of Siri is not up to the task, due to a significant upgrade. It has been suggested that there is a huge upgrade Cupertino-based company will have to offer Siri, the alleged “wipe the floor” competition thanks to integrated technology stack, it acquired last year as part of the purchase of the UK-based company called VocalIQ.

a number of sources who insist that they have acquired by Apple VocalIQ before work is claimed that Apple believes it is in the current assistant so impressive product knowledge complex landscape, it wants to buy and to prevent it’s actually been released into a separate smartphone applications. These same sources also hinted that Apple’s new assistant will be a lot more powerful than the existing competition, such as visits Amazon, Microsoft and Google now Cortana / Clerical more strength.

a new so-called Siri upgrade impressive aspect, VocalIQ team is very similar to the human use of natural language dialogue technology, extensive testing of their products the main competitor of the facts. For those who like statistics and numbers, VocalIQ understand product recorded a 90% success rate, when asked about this “I’m looking for a local Italian restaurant, free Wi-Fi and disabled parking” a very human problem

By contrast, competitors like Siri, Google now / assistant, Alexa and Cortana can only understand about any actual and effective results when about 20%. This is a huge growth in this Siri will soon be integrated into a large high-tech box tick.


upgrade to Siri will fall very nice extra hype suggesting that Apple new wireless speaker products that will echo like to compete with Amazon, recently published Google homepage

full range of efforts such products is that it can be seamlessly controlled by voice commands, allowing users to not only do things like streaming music, but also can find information on local amenities and the surrounding area immediately. Extra power and natural language processing capabilities of Siri will be fully compatible with the upgrade of the product

(Source: Inside ).

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