Apple Watch 2 Release Date To Coincide With iPhone 7 Launch, Report Says


Taiwan publishers Electronic Times reported that Apple is stepping up orders that will make up the second-generation Apple Watch is expected in the third quarter shipments, while iPhone launched around 7 parts. Apple has been observed refresh rumors for some time, with some suggesting that Apple’s next-generation wearable will be a ‘S’ to upgrade , rather than a major redesign. The latest out of the display supply chain, Apple will be replaced with an updated version of the current Apple concern towards the end of 2016

Sources said Apple will receive about 200 million units per month in one place, this is considered the standard Apple began selling in April 2015

original Apple Apple watch model is clearly given the disappointing performance of the “progressive” obviously Release keen to double down on the wear of the concept, though, is watchOS 3 showed that when Apple the WWDC opening speech this past Monday, the company behind the efforts announced behind the scenes to make sure the watch is smart buyers a better proposition in 2016

electronic Times “uneven history with such a thing, did not come to fruition by the claims into some success. words with that said, there is no doubt that Apple will release a new and updated Apple attention to the end of 2016, may be related to release of the iPhone 7 watchOS 3, of course, is the same.

If the current beta version and follow the same pattern for the iPhone and iPad, September or October might be the ultimate Apple Watch published a good choice.

new Apple Watch is expected to more powerful hardware, which will allows applications to more than the current hardware for FaceTime camera to run more quickly, and with an improved strap may be notice, whenever possible partial new color choices.


(source: electronic Times )

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