Apple Reportedly Working On Its Own Snapchat-Esque Video Sharing Social App


With the current consolidation range for all brackets and consumer smartphones and tablets, has been reported Apple now wants to focus on attracting young viewers and software-based, Snapchat video sharing and editing platform.

According to later familiar with Apple’s future strategy and 2017, Cupertino headquarters, the company is to launch its own social network through hardware simulation experience its popular iPhone and iPad by the likes of Snapchat and Instagram enjoy success.

Over the years, Apple has been working more and more difficult to ensure the continued growth of its hardware business and gain as much market share as possible. It is hard to argue against the fact that the company has done such an excellent job done, but difficult market conditions and rising competition means that the hardware Apple empire has started to slow down in recent era.

With this in mind, it seems that Tim Cook and his team are looking emphasis placed on Apple’s services, and I hope additional revenue can grow from the introduction of the service or platform It looks mimic Snapchat or the like Instagram.

key to Apple’s revenue in the exploration of this road users are interested in actual spending from the time based on the number of social media and interactive services. As an example, the report cited the Facebook users spend about 50 minutes a day, in the interactive iPhone application, and users Snapchat is generally about 30 minutes a day, the average active facts. The level of participation and commitment of the actual view, create interactive content and convince Apple, there is a young market, it can allow the company to remain in the capital to expand the space of about.


applications are developed in Final Cut Pro and Apple’s iMovie software the same sector are being developed, according to the person. Apple hired Joe Weir, a former president of New York-based video production company, leading visual project, the source said.

The new application is considered to focus on relatively short video with filters and graffiti applications created extremely quickly. Then, users will be able through existing social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter to share video. Interesting to note here is that the same sources also hinted that although Apple is working hard toward a 2017 release, the application may not have seen the light of day, “If the company does not comply with the schedules and expectations” and have decided to take it down is defeated.

Would you consider using the company’s previous social reasons, such as flat later, Apple has established a social networking application based on video? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below

(Source: Bloomberg ).

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