Apple Has Left Even More Images Unencrypted In iOS 10 Beta 2


The iOS jailbreak community is a very popular puppet also confirmed that Apple decided to leave the 64-bit kernel cache in iOS’s 10 Beta 1 is not encrypted is not accidental.

If you want to keep abreast of iOS in the world what happened, you may remember, security researchers shocked that iOS’s 10 Beta 1 has an unencrypted all kernel. This impact is further intensified when Apple publicly confirmed , the lack of basic code obfuscation was actually intentional, and the initiatives taken by the company “will not affect the security of the operating system to optimize performance.”

Apple may have moved fairly quickly to confirm that the 64-bit kernel is intentionally encrypted iOS in 10 Beta 1 in order to improve part performance of the effort, but for various reasons, Apple public statements and did not wash with some people involved in the field of mobile security.

In fact, some researchers believe that Apple’s official announcement was made to try and play down any safety issues that consumers can have, and 10 internal patch on their work in this issue Beta 2 of iOS release. So, iOS is now officially in beta 2 version and veteran jailbreaker MuscleNerd have taken to Twitter to confirm the lack of encryption Beta 1 is not only intentional, but Apple is taking a step further with the beta 2 version:

it is no accident. Apple stay in 10.2b2 not encrypted; even if a plurality of images (! For example, all 32-bit and ramdisk boot program)


tweet, not only confirmed the lack of encryption is a deliberate act by Apple, but also highlighted the fact that iOS’s 10 Beta 2 has shipped an additional image is not encrypted. And song-related images that accompany the display in iOS’s 10 beta 2 versions of 32-bit boot program now also unencrypted, because it is all instances except ramdisk Apple TV. All kernel and iOS 10 beta 2 version of the firmware in all major file systems is suffering – or benefit depending on how you look at it – the apparent lack of any type of encryption

for the average iPhone, iPad and iPod touch user belongs to lack of encryption this new information will mean absolutely nothing. However, participation in the prison world of security researchers, it could mean that Apple has made a lot easier to find may be utilized to produce a functioning jailbreak solution forward potential kernel exploit.

[19459010(Source: MuscleNerd [microblogging] )

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