Apple Confirms Pokemon Go Record For Most Downloads In First Week Of Release


Nintendo and Pokémon Go Niantic has swept the world in the past few weeks, Apple has announced that the game has been a record breaking App Store. Although Nintendo has been reluctant to allow before its franchise to the other company has the platform debut Pokémon’s move to the iPhone has proven to be a good one.

talk about loop Apple confirmed that Pokémon Go is a formal process of downloading several of its history in the App Store rankings issued by the first week of ranking applications, it has produced revenue for the developer about $ 50 one billion

have was originally released in Australia, New Zealand and the United States July 5, Pokémon Go It is now available in 30 countries, and caused a sensation.

With more than 210,000 active users have been Pokémon Go have seen huge uptake Nintendo shares rose a staggering 25 percent, even those who have a close game in augmented reality game location and other services and gym PokéStops reported traffic rose thanks Pokémon Go. Maybe give us an idea of ​​the future currency of ideas, and McDonald’s Pokémon go in Japan today joined forces with McDonald’s All positions marked as stadium within the game, allowing players to fight each other to win prizes and gain experience.

as the way income potential side effects, such as McDonald’s transactions and the sale of gamers within app purchases, so both developers and Apple have plenty of money to stand on Pokémon. Make every day in the current rate of $ 1.6 m, it should be no doubt that Nintendo enter the smart phone game world can be equated to huge sums of money, especially in the popular franchise is one thing in this play.


we have Mario, Mario Kart, perhaps a Zelda game, now please, Nintendo

(Source: the loop )?

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