Apple CEO Kicks Off iPhone 7 Event, Highlights From His Opening Keynote Are As Follows


The wait is over. Apple CEO Tim Cook in San Francisco, California, just Bill Graham Civic Auditorium staged to kick off the company’s 2016 flagship event dubbed “See you VII” in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus are expected to be announced.

He started it off the priority share the usual numbers and charts on participants attended the event, Apple’s existing product lines, as well as companies in the past few months, quarter results.

now do not take any more time, here are some of the major highlights of the event from Tim Cook’s opening statement.

  • Apple is working with Kara OK ride some new episodes premiere next year in Apple’s music.
  • Apple’s music has 17 million users.
  • Apple’s music now has more than 30 million songs.
  • tenth anniversary of Apple’s music festival in London.
  • Apple App Store generated in the previous quarter, twice the nearest competitor’s income.
  • 500,000+ game is now in the App Store.
  • Nintendo Mario announced Apple’s App Store. Now exclusive to iOS. The holidays can be around 2016
  • Super Mario 10 stickers iOS messaging applications
  • Connecting Education
  • Everyone can take the initiative to the code: Swift playground for iPad application
  • The iWork and real-time collaboration.

If you do not know, we cover the following from Apple’s event, all important announcement live here RP . Check all the front page from Apple today released details and opinions.

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