Apple Awarding $5 iTunes Gift Cards To Apple Pay Users In US & UK Stores, Details Here


give it another Apple Apple paid service push this week, with the the company’s own retail stores trying hardest to get consumers to pay their fees with Apple, rather than the more traditional methods.

According to reports, Apple stores in the UK and the United States are participating employees interrogation tactics customer is willing to pay for later use Apple paid. If the client does not wish to do so, because they are not on the establishment, then Apple employees will guide them through the steps required to do so. From the customer’s point of view sweetener? A crisp new $ 5 or £ 5 iTunes gift card time.

Interestingly, at least for us, the customer will not be required, if they later return back to the free gift card they receive it in time to buy s project. This is a loophole that we do not foresee too many people bothering to use, but it still exists

Apple’s new attempt to push Apple to pay in the United States and the United Kingdom from the service went to live in the eighth National , with the iPhone and iPad owners in France, and are now able to pay for goods only their fingerprints. This means that in the United States, Britain, China, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore and France, users can now use Apple’s charges, Spain and Hong Kong will soon join the exclusive club with a pencil.



(via: Canadian homes )

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