Alphabet/Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Admits Being An iPhone User



but disdain so many smart phone manufacturers around the world, which celebrity is not unusual location and strength of the people to use a smart phone in another time, they have been paid to endorse a particular brand, or worse, when they actually produce executive chairman of the company is a competitor platform Grab. For example, many people would expect alpha / Google chairman Eric Schmidt gave him the use, in fact, is built Andr oid device Android OS in positions of authority within the company, but this will not happen Happening. After

originally was arrested snapping photos with the iPhone 6S recent trip to South Korea, the former Google CEO, and now finally admitted that he is an iPhone user to “fireside chats” with CNBC’s part.

may not be admitted as an impact in view of the President of the alphabet with his iPhone actually was arrested in March. Interestingly Schmidt not only admit that he is a iPhone 6S user, but he also has the Samsung Galaxy S7 smart phone with him, which of course runs his own company Andr oid internet.

as part of the company started superstar intimate fireside chats during the Amsterdam, Schmidt did not pull what equipment he actually prefers punches either:

Samsung S7 better. It has a better battery. And those of you who are iPhone users (know) I was right

should not really come as any great strange letters executive chairman – which is the parent company of maintaining a pair of Google watchful eye – publicly announced that he will record Samsung, Android, and Galaxy S7 admiration. After all, not only his company actually development and progress, Android operating system’s responsibility, but in fact Samsung is actually running champion and the world’s largest Android smartphone and tablet operating systems in one of the production worldwide .

With that said, it really does not matter who you are or what your job position is, if you have another person on a single device or platform preferences, then you just have to use the device as their part of the daily work. Given Google released most of its productivity applications to the fact that iOS platform, it should not really come as a surprise that the company’s employees may actually choose the iOS version for Android

(Source: CNBC , the first picture: Eric Schmidt caught using iPhone )

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