2016 Xbox One S Is Official: Features, Release Date, Price


X box in a S officials. Earlier today Microsoft kicked off its media activities this year Xbox at E3 in Los Angeles via a brief video presentation of the Xbox One cousin outlined the salient features of the new console and its availability announced in August to $ 299

thinner, smaller and more powerful than its predecessor, the Xbox a S upgrade is the same image leaked to the website a few hours before the official revealed.


new console with a new elegant “white robot” shade again shape design. It is a slim, 40% smaller than its predecessor and can be arranged horizontally or downwards will be sold with the help of a separate annex under propped vertically.



As expected, the Xbox S provides a 4K video playback, which means you can finally abandon , you are reluctant to use or stream from the ultra-high-definition content like Blu-ray player supports Netflix and Amazon video right on your console. In this event also advertised the game HDR (high dynamic range) support. This addition will allow some games by expanding the contrast between light and dark areas, providing more detail and more realistic visual effects.

console in 2TB, 1TB, when it began selling this fall 500GB variants.


Other changes include an integrated power supply and relocation pairing button, and a USB port of the device, the device also features IR blaster in front of a new one. In accordance with the growth trend in the business of electronic these days, Kinect port has been removed from the rear of the unit from its size to scrape a few extra millimeters. Annex Xbox will connect to the console via USB adapter, which will be free to choose whom Xbox owners in a S upgrade the Xbox One and Kinect.


new Xbox wireless controller has a textured grip and improved wireless connectivity, which means higher reliability and twice the range, and to Windows 10 is easy to access by using Bluetooth toting the newly added device support.

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